Monday, July 2, 2012

OK so, I am creating this blog for those helpless girls wanting to be part of the glamorous, tacky world of Hooters!
Yes, Hooters. Big boobs, gorgeous girls, bad reputation. I worked at Subway before applying at Hooters, as a haha i applied at Hooters, kind of thing. I walk in, ask for an application, fill it out and BAM! I am now a Hooters girl. Dont read this thinking, oh well she must be super hot. Negative. I am the most normal looking girl on the face of the planet. Short, weird face, no sense of style, little to no titts. But, i have a really fun personality and pretty smart. (Even though we look like bimbos, we actually have to know what we are talking about). So if you are wanting to apply, don't think just because you aren't a big titty blonde they wont consider you. BE CONFIDENT. Every girl has something different to offer.

After the first interview, i met with the GM manager. Long story short, i had to be at orientation the next day. If you make it this far be ready to spend at least 3 hours there. You have to go through a stack of paper work and rules. And the list of rules is crazy. But sensible. And then the UNIFORM. They issue you one free one. After that you pay for everything. They tell you if you have made good money one night, to go ahead and purchase a new one. Just in case. It is tight, it is tacky, uncomfortable. But, after you put it on it seems flat out sexy. They check you for visible flaws, ie: tattoos, piercings, blah blah blah. You are not to have your uniform showing when you enter or leave the building. 

Training: Long ass day, no tips. ): You have to follow your trainer everywhere. Write down everything. And not get in the way. PAY, PAY, PAY attention to everything. You only have a few days of training before they give you your own tables. I have NO experience as a waitress. So i was a little nervous. Surprisingly it was alot of fun. By the middle of the shift i was smiling and prancing just like she was. Computer system is confusing as hell, but all in all, it isnt rocket science. 

I go for my second day of training in 2 days. Wish me luck and i will be writing it all down! 

This is for aspiring hooters girls! Not everyone has to be a skinny blonde. Just be you, but dont get sad if you dont make the cut. I am not going to sugar code it. Because not everyone was blessed with amazing skin and flowing hair. But if you are confident about yourself and want to try something new, go apply. You might be surprised!